Time and Material VS Fixed Price Contract: Which is Better for Your Project?

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24 December 2023

JavaScript is all over the place! And many developers are wondering what cool things to do with JavaScript on a website. The bunch of reasons JavaScript is righteously considered as the best modern programming language that is actively used by every programmer all over the world. Since JavaScript was developed in 1995 for creating interactive websites, it has recently been actively used for many more tasks. In this article, we made an overview of the JavaScript language and prepared for you a list of the best 10 things you can do with JavaScript

JavaScript Basics

Before you can figure out what cool things to make with JavaScript, you need to understand the basics. Any definition of JavaScript will tell you that it is a lightweight, prototype-based, multi-paradigm, client-side scripting language. JS code can be inserted into HTML pages and any of modern web browser can execute it. It adds interactivity to the web pages by allowing calculations, checking forms, adding special effects, writing interactive games, creating passwords and more. The list of the cool things to build with JavaScript is as unlimited as the imagination and ingenuity of programmers.JavaScript is a multilevel language, which means that you do not have to learn everything about this language before using it. Starting with basics, users can master JS gradually, level by level. It can be used by the beginners to perform some basic function and by the professionals to create complicated apps.
Even though many people believe, that JavaScript is just an extension of Java, it is not true. These are the two separate languages which have many differences.
However, from the security perspective, they both cannot write to hard disk.

The advantages of using JS

So, what are the positive things about JavaScript?

Broaden your experience with JS

The wide range of the amazing things you can do with JavaScript makes it a favorite language of many programmers. Almost every project in a programming world includes at least one tiny part built with JavaScript. Such a popularity is explained by the versatility of the language. So, what is JavaScript used for? To begin, let’s look at the list of the basic things you can do with JavaScript:
  1. Developing web pages. JS allows the majority of websites to interact with users in the attractive way. Different forms, choice buttons, data changes, analyzing typed information. All those things happen because of the code part, made with JavaScript. This language allows creating dynamic, interactive, user-friendly, and, at the same time, good-looking websites.
  2. Creating web apps. It is difficult to imagine modern life without web applications. Tons of awesome tools such as Google Docs, Pixlr.com or even Netflix improve our everyday lives. Thanks to JS, any person with an Internet access can go online and edit pictures, watch streaming videos, or wander around the world without leaving his/her house or spending money.
  3. Building web servers. It may sound strange, but the truth is that it is possible to build a web server with JS even with the basic level of proficiency. Depending on your needs and your skills, you can create a basic server or the more complicated one (framework express JS will definitely be helpful here). Moreover, this task becomes even easier with the technology that consists of database, web framework, frontend framework, and server platform (for example, MEAN stack).
  4. Developing server applications. Thanks to the Node.js, it is possible to develop the whole back-end infrastructure. Since this useful function was created, many big companies started to use it actively.
It is obvious, that the capabilities of JS are impressive and go out of limits of just programming web pages. There are many hard and easy things to do using JavaScript. That is why it is reasonable to replace the question “What can you do with JavaScript?” with “What you cannot do with JS?” It is a universal language. It allows implementing the most interesting ideas, making the usual things unusual, and bringing the new life to the old projects.

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