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Dance Styles We Teach



Truly a king of Latin dance. Comes from humble beginnings in Santiago Cuba in the 1920. It conquered the world. With its exiting visual styling and simplicity – its no accident salsa is the most popular couple dance. Come and see what’s all the fuss is about.



At one time danced in brothels of Buenos Aires…Grab that rose and a hat and start the most passionate dance of your life. Also learn the difference between Argentine, American and International Tango



On a slower side. Romantic and intimate, rumba is a corner stone of understanding the Latin american rhythms. great as a beginner dance to gain momentum and pick up confidence.

Cha cha

Cha cha

Born in the 50’s Havana clubs.
Fast pace and flirtatious, this dance is hugely popular and fun to dance in clubs



Born on the cusp of industrial age in Vienna, One of the oldest and most enchanted of all the styles. Prepare to sway and twirl like Prince Charming and Cinderella….



A dance you can use almost to any big band music. From Sinatra to Michael Buble. Good for any occasion .

Private Lessons


Private Lessons for Adults

Like any hobby whether it’s golf, tennis or general fitness to truly improve you need a one on one class with a professional.
You will benefit from in depth insights, tips and latest information in order to accelerate your dream of becoming a great social or competitive dancer.


Wedding Dance

We help you create your dream dance for your special day. We take care of everything choreography, music, layout, and tricks.
You can relax kick back and enjoy the ride.​

Wedding Dance Consultation 49$


Private Lessons for Kids

EA Dance offers an extensive program for kids wanting to take on ballroom dancing as a competitive discipline. We take kids from raw beginners and develop them to first show their newfound skills in showcases then move on to competitions at local, state and national level.

About Us

Welcome to EA Dance

We are a young brand that is built from two professional dancers who fell in love with each other. Sharing an insatiable passion for dance, our dream is to devote our knowledge and enthusiasm for dance to teach kids and adults to love to ballroom dance. A little about us…EA stands for Erica and Artemi.

EA Dance has over 40 years experience combined in teaching and dancing. We are committed to creating a healthy, fun, competitive, and supportive atmosphere to help bring the best out of our students. Our goal is to build long term relationships and a community that centers around the love of dance.




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